Linkedin Tips for Candidates

Linkedin is being used more and more by employers to check candidates out, and in the current climate this is the case more than ever

We’ve put together the following tips and advice to help you make the most of your profile:

  • Ensure your background photo is relevant to you and what you do – you can find royalty free images at:
  • Your profile picture should be clear, professional and have you smiling toward the camera, try to avoid your favourite picture from a night out!
  • Make the most of your headline area – this is where you can state your current job title and a snapshot of what you do. This area is searchable, so use relevant keywords and space them out with capital letters. You can fill out the rest of this area with your location, industry and a URL
  • Make sure you switch on your ‘open to opportunities’ function, which allows recruiters to easily filter to you
  • The about area is great for you to update when you are looking for a new role, to ensure recruiters can understand quickly what you are about. See it as your space to outline what you can do for your next employer, this is also search driven, so remember those keywords
  • Refer to your CV to give your current & previous positions adequate descriptions, and make sure your roles and dates match up

Look for opportunities:

  • Posts – who’d looked at them
  • Notifications – birthdays, change of job etc, send messages to congratulate
  • Endorse people as they are likely to endorse you back – use it as a conversation starter
  • Always put messages in a positive way, encouraging a yes – “I’d love to talk to you, can it be Wednesday or Thursday…. 10 or 11…”