Linkedin Tips for Clients


Posts on your own profile:

  • Best to post daily with a mix of text, image & video throughout the week, videos get 5x more engagement
  • Posts have a 24 hour life & if someone engages, your next post will appear in their feed
  • Best times to post are 7am, 2pm & 6pm
  • People are interested in people – they will look at your profile, then the company profile, then the company website
  • Post engaging, nice things that make people like you, save the ins & outs of what the company does & offers for the company page
  • Post like this:
    • Post title
    • Blank space
    • More text in short paragraphs, from the reader’s perspective, why is it interesting to them?
    • Use #’s, you can look up the most relevant by searching them in the linkedin search bar & using trending #’s, always use three
    • #’s need to be relevant to your audience & what they do, not what you do
  • Use engaging video/image that will grab their attention, with your text being more work-related/relevant
  • Only 3-5% of your 1st connections see your posts, this improves if you post every day & get a pod of people to like & comment on your post using at least 4 words, you need 10 likes & comments in the first hour or 20 likes & comments in the first 2 hours for something to be picked up by the algorithms & get real traction
  • If you get 1,500 views on a post it will get pushed a lot further to your 3rd connections
  • There are pods you can join, but you have to like & comment on their stuff too, which is time consuming
  • Best to do engaging posts Monday – Wednesday, a more businessy one on Thursday & a happy weekend one on Friday
  • You can use videos from YouTube &, there’s no licence issue if you are using them as a bit of fun & don’t brand them, they need to be 20 seconds – 3 minutes
  • Don’t share other people’s stuff, that helps them, not you
  • Think about the message you want to put with the video

Your profile:

  • Your name – don’t put images next to it as it messes up the algorithm
  • Your job title needs to be clear
  • Then in the about bit, write what you can do for your client, this is SEO enabled, space it out & use capital letters at the beginning of words
  • Make sure you have completed all of the areas you can to make your profile all star

Company page:

  • The company page is important as it validates what we as individuals do & makes it more likely people will engage with us after checking us out, it needs to have all of the corporate info on it
  • Use three #’s that are relevant to the audience you’re trying to attract
  • Look out for the option to invite connections to like the page – this function comes & goes, but when it’s there you can ask 50 a day
  • The strap line is SEO enabled & should say what the company does
  • Make sure there’s a branded banner & logo on the page
  • Make sure you have completed all of the areas you can to make the page all star
  • Take a look at the content suggestion page for ideas, but write your own posts
  • Keep an eye on post stats, click rates etc to learn what grabs the audience
  • Sales Navigator can tell you who your page followers are
  • Put something engaging on the page with a call to action “for more information contact..” with a name & phone number/email address
  • If you get any trolls, don’t reply to them, just report them straight away
  • Filter in some personal stuff to the page too to make it more engaging, but mainly business
  • You can comment & like people’s posts as the company, then engage as you after

Look for opportunities:

  • Posts – who’d looked at them
  • Notifications – birthdays, change of job etc, send messages to congratulate
  • Endorse people as they are likely to endorse you back – use it as a conversation starter
  • Always put messages in a positive way, encouraging a yes – “I’d love to talk to you, can it be Wednesday or Thursday…. 10 or 11…”


  • Sales Navigator – you can get a list up of your 1st connections & see who’s changed jobs recently & message the list directly – people in new roles want to make changes
  • You can see a list of who’s been in the news & message them “I saw you were in… great piece of news”
  • You can also see a list of active people who follow your page