Working from home

Home Working
Home Working

Working from home

This can be an anxious time for many with worries about family, finances job security, health and missing all the things you love to do, but working from home does also have many benefits. Please find our tips below on how to make this work best:

Top tips

  • Stay connected with others while you are at home colleagues, friends and past connections. Lots of people are finding this situation difficult so staying connected could help them too
  • Talk about your worries, it is OK to share your concerns with those you trust, or there are many helplines you can try
  • Look after your body, our physical health has a big impact on how we feel – drink water, eat well and exercise regularly
  • Stay positive, a good work plan always helps, there are many things you can do with a bit of creative thinking
  • Don’t stay glued to the news, remember your home is now your office. Try to follow the same routine, there is plenty of time to catch up with news at the end of the day
  • Carry on doing things you enjoy, focus on your favourite hobby, take a lunch break, do a google hangout with colleagues, create an online quiz group to replace the after-work drink
  • Take time to relax this will improve your wellbeing – maybe learn a new method for this such as Yoga
  • Think about your daily routine, life is changing so some disruption to the norm is to be expected, but creating a routine is important.
  • Also you can expand your knowledge and skillset and open up your career options by taking advantage of Free online training courses

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