Interviews & Job Hunting / 13th May 2020

Video Interview Tips

One of our senior consultants Emma recently asked on Linkedin if anyone would like to have a practice video interview with her and was delighted that many of you did. Following these, she thought it might be useful to consolidate her feedback in a quick video which can be downloaded and viewed below:

The main point was that preparation is key, especially with:

  • Tech – are you familiar with what you will be using, have you practised, do you have the sound on & camera enabled?
  • Environment – do you have somewhere bright & comfortable without too many distractions behind you (like camouflage paint work?!)
  • Get in the zone – you would usually arrive early for an interview so you can settle, so give yourself that same opportunity
  • Relax – this is odd for the interviewer too!
  • Household – let anyone at home with you know you are not to be disturbed
  • Information – print out your CV, the job spec, the interviewers name(s) and company info
  • Presentation – be smart from the waist down too in case you need to grab something 😊

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