Interview Tips

Video interview
Video interview

Interview Tips

Currently many of us are experiencing working from home and that trend is likely to continue, many firms will see this as a benefit as we shift to towards an even more digital world.

This means that interviews are likely to move to video so we have incorporated this in our tips, but you still need to prepare as you would with a face to face meeting.

Video preparation

  • Make sure you are in a good place for the video call, ideally somewhere that you won’t be distracted so you can concentrate fully on the questions being asked
  • Make sure everyone at home with you is briefed on the importance of the call so you have no interruptions
  • Of course, your connection is key so make sure your internet is up to speed, if not consider how you can improve this
  • Remember your interviewer will be able to see you so dress as you would for a face to face interview, first impressions are still going to count
  • Your body language will still be visible so don’t do anything you wouldn’t in a standard interview

You can also view a helpful video in our Video interview tips

Getting Started

Firstly, try to find out the structure of the interview, generally they are structured to find out about specific skills related to the role you are applying for and will explore the following areas

  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Ability to delegate
  • How well you work in a team
  • If you’re adaptable in the role , which will be more important now than ever before
  • Organisation skills
  • Specific job-related skills and experience
  • Decision making skills

Other things to consider

  • Is your CV/portfolio up to date, how are going to present this?
  • Revise the job description and prepare for the likely questions around it
  • Be yourself, but do remember first impressions count
  • Do your research, website/LinkedIn/Companies House
  • Share your experiences, be prepared about how and when you have done role related tasks
  • Be prepared to talk about yourself, personality is often a key deciding factor
  • Let them know where you have shone
  • Have the ability to recognise your weakness and present them positively
  • Don’t knock your previous employer, consider beforehand how to present a situation positively

Also consider questions you may want to ask at your interview

Remember the better prepared you are the more chance you will have of landing the job.