We are here to support any staff that unfortunately have been made redundant. We can offer advice and tips including

  • Make sure your CV stands out (check our CV writing tips)
  • LinkedIn profiling make sure it is up to date (check out our Linkedin profiling tips)
  • Increase your LinkedIn network
  • Consider looking into sectors that may be doing well such as
    • Food retailers
    • Online retailers
    • Healthcare sector
    • Medical Instruments/Devices
  • Post on social media including support you may able to offer others
  • Look at what is available, is there a temporary solution? (you may even like it)
  • Check what you can claim
  • Be ready to work at home (working from home tips)
  • Be prepared for an online interview (Check out our Interview tips)
  • If you do get an interview, do your research both on the Company and the sector including their Web site/LinkedIn/Companies House
  • Gather examples of where you have added value How/When you resolved challenges

If you would like to chat to one of our consultants about any of this, please do get in touch to arrange a call